How to get what you want

In life, one of the major goal for any individual is to live a life of fulfilment; were he expects all his desires and expectations to be met.All humans crave for success and pleasure and tend to move away from failure and pain. Seldom do humans experience such feat in their life time.The truth about […]


Seeing this Topic, what comes to your mind? You were expecting to see pictures or read about places which hold the largest deposit of resources or individuals in the world or cities.I submit to you that the wealthiest place on earth has been largely untapped. Most people have never taken advantage of this place.THE WEALTHIEST […]

How you can stay ontop of your day

Often you hear people say someone messed up my day or what am going through now is not favourable. But do you know is possible to live above the very circumstances around you ? and live independently of every pressure in your society? At work, on the walk way, at school. As you journey in […]

What to do; If you don’t like your results

What to do if you don’t like your results I have often observed, many in our society today are not happy with the results they are getting in their lives; they want to change it, they desire for a better life but they just can’t make that change. Changing your results is not a secret; […]


When you see this topic what comes to your mind is the ADX Florence prison in USA, the lasante’ prison in france, the camp Delta in the USA, the Qincheng prison in China or the detention camp in Guantanamo bay in Cuba or the Kirikiri maximum prison in Lagos Nigeria. A visit to these prison […]


When you read this topic, what comes to your mind is based on your perception of the country Nigeria. You can never say a system is corrupt. A country or an organisation can not be corrupt, is the people who make up that system or organisation that is CORRUPT. In this context am not considering inanimate […]


It is either you are rich, you are working on being rich or you are you hoping to be rich someday.There is nothing like a comfortable life, it is either you are rich or poor no middle grounds. To claim to be average is self deceptive. Riches entails having more than enough to meet all […]

How to be in the top 10 of your field/career.

The world we live in today is filled with people who have made up their minds to do what they feel they can do, never making attempts to achieve greater heights. Many settle for the usuall and average. Guess what ? when when you give focus to becoming the top 10 in your chosen fields […]

Coping with Pressures

Someone said; ‘ LIFE IS HARD’ how true? As you read this article it is either you are in a challenging situation, or coming out of a challenging situation or rather heading towards one. That is the reality of life and the sooner you realise the better the chances you have to thrive in life.When […]

Is Evil greater than Good?

Today many tend to accept that evil is more powerful than good; but that is not the case. We read daily of evil reports, watch and listen to evil news, and wicked acts in our society is not enough to say that evil is greater than good.There is a popular saying’ pay evil for evil’ […]

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