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Onvif personal development academy is a primer institute for development of the human capacity to Think, innovate, create and execute. In a fast evolving world information is key to unlocking the Goldmine inherent in us.
At the institute we have courses that have been thoroughly choosen to give you the advantage in your life, career and business or whatever endeavour you are involved in.
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Course Outline for Onvif personal development academy
Course Outline & Descriptions:
  1. 360 Degree Relationship
  2. Building and Rebuilding Trust
  3. Business Ethics Essentials/Work Ethics
  4. Creating Lasting Organizational Skills
  5. Succession Plan
  6. Creativity in Work-space
  7. Dealing with Setbacks
  8. Digital Economy Skills
  9. Discovering your Talent/Skills
  10. Purpose Driven Life/ Self Awareness
  11. Diversity of the Job
  12. Multitasking
  13. Facing Problems and Making Decision
  14. Growth Mindset
  15. Improving your Memory
  16. Emotional Intelligence
  17. Improving Personal Productivity
  18. Negativity Through Organizational Skills.
  19. Planning for Retirements
  20. Saving Culture
  21. Strategic Planning (Goal Setting)
  22. Overcoming Procrastination
  23. Performing under Pressure
  24. Perseverance at work
  25. Polishing your Professional Edge
  26. Public Speaking Strategy
  27. Time Management
  28. Mind Capacity
  29. Health and well Being
  30. Thinking Skills
  31. Personal Capacity Progression
  32. Proven Sowing Techniques
  33. Decision Making.

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