In life, one of the major goal for any individual is to live a life of fulfilment; were he expects all his desires and expectations to be met.
All humans crave for success and pleasure and tend to move away from failure and pain. Seldom do humans experience such feat in their life time.
The truth about life is that; YOU CAN HAVE WHAT YOU WANT AND BE WHAT YOU WANT TO BE; to add, a nation can become what she wants to be by the collective and Leadership decision of the inhabitants of that nation.
Firstly to get what you want you must: 
1. Know exactly what you want. Be specific with clarity( No double mindedness).
2. Write it down( electronic or hard copy).
3. Write out a minimum of 20 ways to achieve the goals or your desire( first 10 might be easy but last 10 will require you thinking).
4. Highlight 3 ways to achieve them from your list.
5. Focus on one at a time.
6. Write out what you want on your journal or vision board and say it as an affirmation to yourself every morning when you wake up and evening before you retire to bed( say it as though you already have it. Most times, it will be in disagreement with your present vibration ( mindset) but keep saying it.
7. Mount pressure on the ways of achieving it until you see the results.
8. Don’t take ‘No’ for an answer.
9. See your self experiencing what you desire.
10. Keep at all these untill you have it made.

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