Often you hear people say someone messed up my day or what am going through now is not favourable. But do you know is possible to live above the very circumstances around you ? and live independently of every pressure in your society?
At work, on the walk way, at school. As you journey in life you must definately come across people, therefore there is likely to be friction.
You can stay on top of your day by:

  1. Have a disposition of GRATITUDE irrespective of what has happened or is happening.
  2. Your attitude towards the happenings of the day will determine your feelings,therefore have an attitude of a VICTOR.
  3. You must realise that every situation you come across that is not desirable is TEMPORARILY. Only you can prolong the problems with your attitude.
  4. Have a plan for that day and start early.
  5. People will react to you in a manner you never taught possible; you must do all you can to maintain your composure.
  6. Expect the unexpected, so be prepared
  7. Dominant your thoughts with your goals for that day.
  8. Check your to-do list per time, during the day.
  9. Never waste your words on the non essential ( arguments. etc.)
  10. Find someone to show love( give out something etc; your time, gift, compliment people, kind words or money)
    Have a splendid day ahead.

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