When you see this topic what comes to your mind is the ADX Florence prison in USA, the lasante’ prison in france, the camp Delta in the USA, the Qincheng prison in China or the detention camp in Guantanamo bay in Cuba or the Kirikiri maximum prison in Lagos Nigeria. A visit to these prison will show, that people are kept in restricted space. You see many people moving around today and you think they are free but many are not. They are actually in prison. The GREATEST PRISON ON EARTH IS THE PRISON OF THE MIND. A place were you can’t help yourself to come out of the predicaments of life. You are held down and can’t move. This imprisonment leads to frustration and depression. Nelson Mandela lived as a free man while in prison and ended aperthied when he came out after 27years behind bars. Through knowledge you can come out of that prison.
Don’t be a prisoner of your mind. 

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