When you read this topic, what comes to your mind is based on your perception of the country Nigeria. 
You can never say a system is corrupt. A country or an organisation can not be corrupt, is the people who make up that system or organisation that is CORRUPT. In this context am not considering inanimate objects.
In Nigeria we have the anitgraft agency who are saddled with the responsibility of checkmating corrupt practices, by doing its best to ensure corrupt individuals and organisations are brought to justice; great job and I commend them for that.
Corruption in Nigeria is not in our cultural beliefs system, one wonders how that character defect has eroded our society. Nigerians are morally upright people from our cultural backgrounds; the question now is were did we borrow such a character?
I will endeavour to highlight some points I strongly believe make people get involved in corrupt practices.
Firstly; the urge to make a name for themselves; the best way to get a name is not through corrupt practices but through upholding character and values.
Secondly the fear of the unknown; many today believe that the only way to secure a future for them and their unborn child is to ammase wealth like no man’s business through corrupt practices.
Thirdly; My turn syndrome . When people get into public or private positions/offices they advently believe is their turn to ‘chop’ that should not be the case.
Fourthly; Survival syndrome, many just believe that the only way to survive in a society is to be involved in sharp practices, blaming poverty for their reasons.
Fiftly is wrong programming of the mind; many have being wired to believe that, it is the sure and quick way to be rich.
Finally but not exhaustive the need to pay for favour that was done for you.
I strongly believe that Corruption can be reduced to its bearest minimum or even eradicated if we will do some of the things I have highlighted below
1. Start from the younger generation to imbibe the right values in schools, let them know the importance and consequences of the corruption.
2. Creat an environment that works, this is for both the Government and public sector.
3. Let’s not believe that Corruption can not be wiped out from the society because is not a way of life for us a a people.
4. Proper and comesurate remuneration should be accorded for work done.
5. Celebrate those who uphold proper values in the society
6. Do more of preventive anti corruption as agianst curative, which is good too.
Well! so much more we can do, to be continued..
God bless Nigeria.

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