It is either you are rich, you are working on being rich or you are you hoping to be rich someday.There is nothing like a comfortable life, it is either you are rich or poor no middle grounds. To claim to be average is self deceptive.
Riches entails having more than enough to meet all your personal desire, when I mean rich here, am totally speaking about MONEY. I will endeavour to mention some points to highlight some of the things people do knowingly or unknowingly that will prevent them from being rich.

  1. Alot of people pray and have faith that they will be rich, but as soon as they have prayed their mind still wonders in the corridors of poverty; it will never work.
  2. You assume that you know how money works,but you have never taken any concious effort to learn about money.
  3. You resent the rich, what you destroy you can never become.
  4. You associate with people of the same mind character or thought pattern with you all the time.If you hang out with five (5) poor people, guess what? you are the sixth (6) poor person.
  5. You think that wealth is scarce, so therefore it is beyond your reach but the truth is that there is so much for everyone who is ready to become.
  6. You don’t like to take risk,you love it the safe way; but the truth is that RISK IS THE NEW SAFE
  7. You make poor decisions.
  8. Your self belief about money and wealth/poverty handed over to you from generation by your family lineage.
  9. You don’t believe in personal development and investments in your personality.
  10. You don’t network to find OQP( Only quality people)
  11. Knowing your money is with people when you create values or solve problems for them.
    To be continued…

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