The world we live in today is filled with people who have made up their minds to do what they feel they can do, never making attempts to achieve greater heights. Many settle for the usuall and average. Guess what ? when when you give focus to becoming the top 10 in your chosen fields or career you can achieve it. At every stage in life people emerge as top ten in various fields and career, you too can be one of them some day, if only you do what the top ten will do. The joy of being among the top ten is that you will earn more. If your name must be written on any field or career then you must seek to be at the top, remember if you must do anything in life do it to its peak.( What doing is what doing well)
I know many reading will ask this question as they read; The person writing this article is he in the top ten of his field? The answer is Success leaves footprints and Success is not accidental. 
How to be in the top 10.
1. Study those who are presently, at the top 10 in your field/ career.
2. Study the past top 10 of your fields/ Career.
3. If possible have any to mentor you directly or mentor you indirectly by reading books, listening to audio programmes and attending seminars from them if any is available.
3. Do Personal research in your filed / Careers, raise questions and profer solutions.
4. Think and imagine your self in that position.
5. Stay focused and determined in your chosen filed or Career irrespective of the obstacles.
6 Read books in line with your filed and get latest updates of your field/ career.
7. Note it won’t take a day to get there; is not a quick fix scheme.
8. You must be willing to invest resources ( time , finnace, )
9. Develop a winning edge and come from a dynamic angle towards solving a problem in your field/ career.
10. Lastly but not exhaustive, know it is survival of the fittest; you must be courageous, because life will not give you what you want but what you deserve.

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