Someone said; ‘ LIFE IS HARD’ how true? As you read this article it is either you are in a challenging situation, or coming out of a challenging situation or rather heading towards one. That is the reality of life and the sooner you realise the better the chances you have to thrive in life.
When I say pressures I mean circumstances that are constantly demanding your response every day and every time; from finnacial, academic, marriage, family, accomodation, fear of the unknown, health, school fees, feeding and so many. Man was created to respond to pressures not to cave in to pressures. Imagine a can of drink when you apply excesive pressure, it will cause the can to be depressed, probably open up and change shape, when this happens it means that; the can wasn’t able to resist and respond effectively to the pressures, but when the can remain the same after the application of the same pressure, then it has successfully responded and withstood the pressures. In life you must respond to every pressure that comes your way no matter the force or dimensions. It works just like the law of elasticity; when you stretch an elastic body or apply pressure to it, it will definitely return to its original size provided the elastic limit is not exceed. You should never allow any pressure of life overwhelm you. because if it does, it means you have been stretched beyond your elastic limit and you might never remain the same after such pressure. Here are some few things you can do to handle pressures of life; 
Firstly, if you are alive, you must have pain because pain is a sign of life, never think you will run away from it but you can stand after all.
1. When pressures of life hit you hard, know that you were meant to receive such pressures, that’s not the time to complain or blame anyone it is time to THINK
2. No body is alien to pressures of life, therefore you must settle it in your heart that it is not forever unless you make it so. IT HAS COME TO PASS.
3. Pressures of life place a high demand on your mind. So you must guide your mind when you are in the pressure mood by thinking thoughts that can take you out faster.
4. Money, most time will solve most pressures of life; then you must create a working plan for wealth
5. Perspective is key; how you see the pressures is very vital, you can turn it around to work for your good.
6. Have a written plan on how to handle each pressure. If you will think solution is not far from you.
7. Change your associate and find people that can lift you interms of words and association.
8. Plan ahead every time to forsee possible pressures. Pressures mount when you have no direction.
9. Resist the urge to do the wrong things because it will definitely have negative consequences.
10. Learn to live above the circumstances by living from the moutian top. It can only happen when you live from inside out

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